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High School Music Spin Off

Sinner 13

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I'll kick it off, and embarass the hell outta my self

Thompson Twins - Into The Gap, I was 13

First single I bought at a school fair when I was 7,

ZZ top - Cheap sunglasses B/W Blue jean Blues

Not HS I Know but like I said, A Spin Off.


i bought two on the same day, vanilla ice "to the extreme" and fleetwood mac "greatest hits"

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Iron Maiden - Killers


I wanted The Number of the Beast, which was THE album to have at the time, but Killers was cheaper which my mom liked, and I thought the cover was way cooler than TNOTB anyway so we got Killers. I was 6 years old.


Then for my second one I struck way off and got a turd by Ratt called Invasion of Privacy or something like that. I can't really remember getting it, or why, but I know that was my second LP ever. I actually do remember getting Killers though. I remember the store in the galleria and the ice cream bar right next to it, which we also visited. Both long gone now, having made way for yet another H&M store.

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are people being honest here? i mean realy honest? i mean i admit i bought vanilla ice's record but everyone else are saying all the rock/guitar classics [unsure]


I really am pretty sure Dark Side That was the first *vinyl LP* I ever bought... in 2007 when I started buying vinyl after inheriting a record player and deciding it would be fun or something...


I think the first album I ever bought with my own money was The Offspring's Americana...


For the record, the second vinyl LP I ever bought was A Flock of Seagulls... got it for $2 used in a bin at a Dry Cleaners...


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I was 15, the year was 2007, and I bought these two fantastic albums (yes, on vinyl):




Nowadays I'd say my vinyl collection is pretty damn huge, I've easily got somewhere in the vicinity of 50 records. I think that's a lot, anyway :rolleyes:

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Wouldn't surprise me. The Leadbelly one was an almost no-label cheapie. I&S had her in a dress... BTW, I met them the spring of '64 at a folk festival. Then interviewed and "shot" Ian a cupla years ago. He talked about his dad being hard to get along with... and I doubt he's any better. But I love his music, especially some of that over the past 25 years.


Ian's "Someday Soon" is a classic and, I think, a metaphor for all young men and women who have some dreams. "Barrel Racing Angel," ditto and a good warning to young men if they're bright enough to see the metaphor.


I lost 'em in a fire that almost ate my then 2-guitar home. #@$%@#$%#%#$$#$# Ate enough that it got my records, anyway. Firemen said a sleeping me should have gone with 'em except "somebody" was looking after him.


Nowadays... backup hard drives. <grin> I still have some tapes to dub. I'll use one of my old PC desktops for that kinda stuff when I get my new "man cave" set up this spring. It's -2 right now.



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