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I have had a few setups done in the past at a local family owned shop. I went in one day last week since I was nearby. He carries some different brands than the big chains. He had a mark down on some G&L's but they were the Tribute models (made in Indonesia). He had one made in USA Legacy in stock.. Although I really like all of my Gibsons, I was gassing for this Legacy after playing it. Needless to say a couple days later I went in to haggle on the price a little. I got a good price plus they threw in 2 free setups. It has locking tuners, came with a COA signed by Phyllis Fender (Mrs. Leo Fender) a trem bar, tools etc. It sounds awesome!









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Ahhhh.... Its a keeper, welcome to the G&L family. Since I love any chance to show pics here are mine...






I can't say enough good things about G&L, you can get a lot of tones from these guitars. Enjoy that Legacy !

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Thanks for all the nice comments. I wish my photography skills were better, my pics don't do it justice.


Vourot, the S-500 and SC-2 are beautiful. I agree the tones that you can get from these G&L's is amazing!


It takes a little getting used to the PTB system Leo incorporated into these guitars. So far I have nothing but good to say about this Legacy. It seems to be a real quality instrument, from fit and finish to palayability and sound!

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