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Group shot - Les Pauls only


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I know we've all posted shots of our guitars. Solo shots, groups shots, Les Pauls, SGs, Hollowbodies. Well, it took me a few months to get around to it and I had to wait until my wife took the kids out for the day but I finally got all the Lesters together for a photo. It was my last chance since the faded Honeyburst is being shipped to the ebay buyer as we speak.


So c'mon guys, roll up your sleeves and get to work. I want to see one group shot, Les Pauls only. That includes any variation of the Les Paul (Standards, Studios, Juniors, The Paul, '61 - '62 SGs, etc.). No Explorers, ES-335s, Vs, SJ-200s. Like the header at the top of the page says, Les Paul. And make it a good one because you only get one photo to show your stuff. If you've already posted one that meets the above criteria, feel free to repost it but this would be a good opportunity to break out the axes and get clicking.


I'll get the ball rolling...



Of course I may have to do this all over again now that the Honeyburst is gone and the Slash Goldtop will be coming home this week...

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Junkie's making gains on you Timmy.

But your still the No#1 D*ck...:-$

I'll always be No. 1' date=' right? :-s

You're such a d*ck!


You're right, he is...but then again, he's always had the title of most guitars.

I won't be buying another for a while. Well, a little while, anyways.

I'm a corrupt snob now. I won't buy another Les Paul that isn't a historic.

So, the only LPs I'd even consider are in the $3,000 - $5,000 range.

I think it's best I slow down for a while before the wife shoots me.


I'm thinking about selling my Standard and Custom to fund another R9.

It's just a thought. I doubt the Custom will ever leave my possession, though.





...I'm still waiting to hear Junkie's opinion on that R8.

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Nice setup LPC Admin. Can you tell me a little bit about the Reinhardt half stack? I'm not familiar with that amplification brand.


They're hand made by a man named Bob Reinhardt from Evington VA. He's a really nice guy.


His amps are in all tube, point-to-point wired fare. The one that I have is a two channel in the Plexi realm.


They are are actually pretty well known. In fact, there are quite a few famous people who use them. Most notably is Mark Knopfler.


Bob is a close personal friend of mine, as well as a member on my site, if you want to chat with him.

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