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The Cocoa Butter Experiment


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Around three weeks ago I tried a little something on a few of my guitars.

For years I've used a 100% cocoa butter stick on the nut of my guitars instead of graphite.


So I decided to take a small amount and apply it to the fretboard.

Now keep in mind this stuff is not buttery at all, it's stiffer then chap stick(a candle stick comes to mind) and has an unlimited shelf life. No petroleum distillates.


Well anyway it's been smooth as buttah. And lightning fast, I may be on to something here...



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axe was using some suppositories, which are often made of cocoa butter, and he thought "wow, these things really eliminate the friction. hmmm...i wonder if i can use this stuff on my nuts? and on my guitars???"


and the rest is history...


:-k/ :D/ :D/

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Here's the true story. I found this elsewhere...happy0008.gif


Guys' date=' the truth is I put cocoa butter on my nuts every Saturday night and one time forgot to wash my hands before picking up a guitar. After playing for 20 minutes, I accidentally rubbed the cocoa butter all over the fretboard.[/quote']
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