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[Fender Content] New AV models!

Ryan H

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Though I love my Gibson, Fenders still have their purposes, and I'm sure most of you can appreciate that. I just got an email today from one of my local FMIC authorized dealers, and apparently they're revamping the American Vintage series. The '56 Strat and '52 Tele remain, with some new additions!


The '58 Tele:


The '59 Strat (you get to pick Rosewood or maple!):


The '64 Tele:


The '65 Strat:


The '65 Jaguar


The '65 Jazzmaster:



So many awesome guitars and great upgrades!



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Wow [love]


These are HOT. Any ideas on pricing?


They range between $2000-$2500 MAP depending on the model. The Tele's are the cheapest, and the Jaguar and Jazzmaster are the most expensive. Oh, and the Tele's and Strats all come in Left Handed versions too (or most of them anyways).


EDIT: Found actual prices at my local dealer.

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If Fender can nail the tone and feel of the "L" series '65 Strats,Jags,Jazzes etc.,they would certainly be worth buying because IMHO the "L" series Fenders are the best that they made.The necks of these Fenders usually had the "B" width with a shallow "C" profile that was just about the most comfortable of all guitar necks made-well at least to my hands they are.The pickups of the "L" series were incredible too and just about the only thing that can come either bit close these days are the '62s and the Tex-Mex but the actual "L" series pups just have a chime and quack that the reissues I've heard so far can't quite replicate,so if they can nail that tone the new '65 series guitars will fly off the shelves as fast as they can reorder more.

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