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Just for fun... What does your Les Paul smell like?


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Nitro has a great sweet smell, I guess similar to vanilla or maybe pralines and cream! :rolleyes:

I guess that is one of the reasons they've outlawed spraying nitro in some states as many would consntantly be sniffing them [flapper] [flapper] Is it a coincidence why the number one selling bath cream at Victoria's Secret is "vanilla" scent? Hmmmmmmmmm............

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Wow. now that guitar has mojo. I can smell the places you have been with that axe over the years [flapper] [flapper] [flapper] I bet she sings like an angel.


Wish that was the case..... but all that was another player in another place.

He's gone on now, and I am just playing her 'till it's my turn to pass her on once again.

But yeah - 60 years working is there in the sweet smell and smooth feel of her.

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