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  1. Mesa Mini Rectifier Twenty Five (head) Engl Gig Master 15 (head) Orange OR15 (head) Bugera Infinium V22 (head) Fender Super Champ XD (combo) VOX AD30VT (combo) Marshall CODE 25 (combo) Peavey Valveking MH20 (head) Quilter Toneblock 200 (head) Acoustic Bass Amp 200 W (combo) Acoustic Bass Amp 20W (combo)
  2. One was made in the US and one was made in China.
  3. His name is Fester? Best of luck with the lessons. I admire you for your willingness to expand your horizons, and grow as a musician!
  4. That was great! Thanks for posting that jdgm!
  5. You sound terrific! Your guitar technique shows you have put in the practice hours. You are getting a very nice tone out of that sweet looking guitar. Video production and editing is top notch also. Bravo Guy!👍
  6. What are you talking about? The original history hasn’t been erased.
  7. Now you have a reason why not to bother. Except for entertainment, that auto translate is awfully terrible.
  8. Yep I sometimes find myself wanting to play the mandolin more than my guitars too. It really is fun to play. So glad I decided to start playing one.
  9. Yeah I knew that 40 years ago. You just found out that now?????
  10. I believe those are made by Music Man.
  11. What a guitar! What a story! That's what makes life so great isn't it? Those unexpected times that bring us such joy.
  12. The natural born talent to play the guitar
  13. Very nice looking mandolin. Hey, Gage, you might want to send those pics to a store that specializes in vintage mandolins. They might be able to give you a ballpark estimation of it's worth, and some information on that particular model. Good luck.
  14. Yes. All crazy is relative. But not all relatives are crazy. 🙂
  15. Read my post again. I was not criticizing the drummer at all. I was criticizing the member who posted it. And not that it’s any of your damn business, but I have given away several guitars to needy students. And I volunteer to give free lessons after school to all students interested. And I have been doing it for over 10 years. Don’t tell me I lack compassion, when you know nothing about me at all except a few words you’ve seen me write here.
  16. If someone is drumming on poor drums. over a recording of someone playing some nice drums it doesn’t matter how decent your ears are. That person will sound much better than they really are. And distinguishing where his bad drumming ends and the good drumming takes over is extremely difficult. I also have great hearing. I’ve worn earplugs most of my life at concerts and gigs. I wasn’t offended. Just annoyed at your lack of understanding.
  17. Because they’re probably not his hands.
  18. He’s playing over a recording of the song. When somebody does this it’s impossible to tell what they sound like.
  19. brad1


    Congratulations on the new acoustic! Looks very nice.
  20. Really? That is one of the easiest Rush songs to play on the drums. By far. And I’ve been playing Rush songs on drums for over 45 years. If that impresses you, then you need to see/hear some better drummers. Just my opinion.
  21. brad1


    This was a “Dave F” type thing. It was his idea and suggestion. St. Jude had nothing to do with it.
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