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  1. Read my post again. I was not criticizing the drummer at all. I was criticizing the member who posted it. And not that it’s any of your damn business, but I have given away several guitars to needy students. And I volunteer to give free lessons after school to all students interested. And I have been doing it for over 10 years. Don’t tell me I lack compassion, when you know nothing about me at all except a few words you’ve seen me write here.
  2. If someone is drumming on poor drums. over a recording of someone playing some nice drums it doesn’t matter how decent your ears are. That person will sound much better than they really are. And distinguishing where his bad drumming ends and the good drumming takes over is extremely difficult. I also have great hearing. I’ve worn earplugs most of my life at concerts and gigs. I wasn’t offended. Just annoyed at your lack of understanding.
  3. Because they’re probably not his hands.
  4. He’s playing over a recording of the song. When somebody does this it’s impossible to tell what they sound like.
  5. brad1


    Congratulations on the new acoustic! Looks very nice.
  6. Really? That is one of the easiest Rush songs to play on the drums. By far. And I’ve been playing Rush songs on drums for over 45 years. If that impresses you, then you need to see/hear some better drummers. Just my opinion.
  7. brad1


    This was a “Dave F” type thing. It was his idea and suggestion. St. Jude had nothing to do with it.
  8. Go to Reverb. There are several used ones for sale. Took me 30 seconds.
  9. brad1


    It really is! Thanks. Too funny dude! and thanks
  10. brad1


    That is exactly what I thought!
  11. brad1


    So I got a mandolin! And I like it a lot! I put up a thread a week or two ago asking about mandolins and thinking about learning to play one. I got all kinds of great responses back from you guys. But the best response I got back was from fellow member Dave F. He told me he would be willing to send me a mandolin if I would make a donation to St. Judes Hospitals. He sent me pics of it, and the case he was sending along. I decided this was a great opportunity for me to get a mandolin, and contribute to a really great charity. So glad I did! I am having a lot of fun playing this thing. It looks great and it is easier to play then I thought it might be. He included a case also, and the case looks to be brand new. It is an F-Style mandolin. And it is perfect for a beginner like me. The first pic I took. The ones after Dave took. I want to thank Dave F so much for coming up with this fantastic idea. If it wasn't for him, I may have never got a mandolin. But becasue of Dave F I now have one, and I am loving it! Thanks Dave F !!!!!!!
  12. Very nice! I like the inlays.
  13. Music has a way of cheering us up sometimes, or bringing us down sometimes. It certainly can be a powerful inducer of emotion. I can relate to your story Rabs. There are songs and bands I don't listen to for the same reason as you. And I agree, I bet one day you will listen to it again. And it will certainly bring up all kinds of emotions. Just keep in mind that it was a wonderful thing that your Dad felt such enjoyment hearing that Supertramp. You made his last days more pleasant for him. I miss my own Dad so much.... But weren't we lucky that we had such great Dads?!
  14. No problem. Hang around here and you’ll learn a lot. I was a somewhat beginner at one time too. 😃
  15. No, Rabs answered it fully. You just didn’t understand the full explanation obviously.
  16. I still have about 70 cassettes. And I still listen to a lot of them. 6 or 7 of those are Grateful Dead concerts.
  17. Hey Dave, I might take you up on your offer. When you have some time, how about sending me a PM with some specifics on the "modest donation". I would love to donate to such a worthy charity, and that might also be what makes me go ahead and get a mandolin.
  18. Yes he is! I have a couple of Nickel Creek CDs. I like them.
  19. That's a very nice looking instrument. Well, I probably would start out on an A style. They are usually cheaper.
  20. Yeah it was a 5 stringer. I wanted to do a lot of picking. I didn't want to just strum. . So I bought some of those metal finger picks. And I just didn't like having them on my fingers.
  21. Nice guitar, and nice playing! Welcome to the Gibson family.
  22. REMs EP, and first LP are great albums. I also like their next 4 albums. Document is the last album of their's that I like and that was made back in 1987. Haven't liked anything that has come out afterward. I went to College at the Univeristy of Georgia, in Athens Ga where REM was from. I saw them a few times before they had a record deal. I bet if you had been there you would have liked it. But of course... they changed....
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