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  1. My 1981 Gibson "The V" has quite a bit of wear from being played every day for hours a day since I got it in 1984. I've played a few hundred shows with it and it's been from one side of the country to the other. That kind of wear can be faked but I prefer the real thing. I take great care of my guitars but stuff happens. I'd much rather do it myself and have real wear than fake wear. I sure wouldn't pay $6000.00 for a fake relic job on a guitar. But to each his/her own. I just prefer the real thing.
  2. Last time I played golf, I almost killed my friend. Or, at least nearly hit him with the golf ball that I hit really hard and it missed his head by maybe 6 inches. I'm not sure what the score was but I think I ended up with 5 beers. This was either late 80's or early 90's.
  3. If it were me, I'd complain, get a discount, buff it out and be done with it. Minor flaws like that don't bother me but I will ask for a discount if it's a new guitar. I have a 2018 Classic with a minor flaw in the binding on the neck, right at the 5th fret. You can't see it unless you look close and it doesn't affect the playability. But, from Sweetwater, that took it from a $2200.00 guitar to a $1700.00 guitar. I would see if they'd give a partial refund for something that minor that can be easily fixed. But, it's your guitar and I wish you luck. If it were a fantastic guitar otherwise, I'd fix that or come up with a cool story to go with the scratch. :D
  4. I like the pricing. $2500.00 for a new Standard and the previous version was $3299.00. They're still expensive but reasonable. I like that they've gone back to what made the Les Paul popular in the first place and it's what a lot of people wanted. On the flipside, there's others who liked all the new changes and options available. I wonder if they'll continue marketing the classic line and the modern lines? I'm curious as to what's different from those and the reissues. I hope to play a few of them over the next few weeks. I'd love to have a Goldtop with humbuckers.
  5. Other than playing music (of course), I play a few different video games on my home computer when not playing music. I've been working in the IT field for 23 years and occasionally troubleshoot computer issues for others or assist in building computers and doing upgrades. I have about 1000 books of various content, fiction, non-fiction and music. I have a stamp collection from when I was a kid in the 70's. I have a lot of LP's and cassettes from the 70's through 90's and I'm working slowly but surely recording those to my PC to preserve them. In the past, I've also taken martial arts classes - Shaolin Do , Ninpo Taijitsu and Tae Kwon Do and earned brown belt in each. I enjoy traveling and have been to most of the US except the Northeast and some of the upper Midwest states. I enjoy watching some documentaries, in addition to a pretty big variety of other TV shows and movies. Mostly I just hang out with my lovely wife, our kids and our friends. Music is a big part of our life and we enjoy playing music together, with friends and going to bars/clubs/concerts as well. Sometimes we like going out, sometimes we just stay home. My kids were in Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts when they were younger and I was a Scout Leader for 8 or 9 years. We enjoy camping occasionally with friends and family.
  6. I can't wait to play the new ones and see how they compare. I'd love to have a Goldtop with humbuckers and a tobacco burst but definitely don't like the light back on the tobacco burst. It's an excuse to go play them though.
  7. That's awesome! Love the Goldtop! As you can see, I like them a lot as well. I'm glad you're happy with it. I'm very happy with my 2017 Goldtop Tribute.
  8. I can't speak for the 1980 SG but my 1981 Gibson "The V" is probably the best playing and best sounding guitar I've ever touched. That being said, my 2017 and 2018 Gibsons are really nice as well. For me, it would come down to which one I liked the best, which one played the best and which one sounded the best.
  9. Have fun is the most important part. Having a list of songs you both know is helpful and make sure you both play it in the same key. Have a capo handy in case it's played in a different key. I play mostly lead/electric guitar and I've sat in with multiple bands, open mic/open jam, parties, and just jammed with other bands for fun in addition to my band. I learned most of three sets of songs on stage once by following the singer/guitarist, the bass and having them write down the chords, keys and changes on big posterboards on the back of the PA system. Friday night was a bit rough but the next 3 nights were a lot better. Have fun with it and talk a little about what kind of stuff you're going to do.
  10. Oh dear, not that moron again. Trolls are so cute.
  11. Our bassist and our lead singer in our band both have that system. It seems to work pretty well for them. They've had theirs since last fall and haven't had any problems out of them. I couldn't use them with my Ibanez, so I got a different system. Me and our keyboard/guitarist/vocalist have the Line 6 G30 system.
  12. I don't know that I have a favorite or if I did, what that'd be. I'm pretty much ok with any style neck as long as the string height is good. If the string height is too high or too low, I have to adjust my playing a bit but that's ok too.
  13. My 2017 Tribute seems to have a two piece back. Not sure about my Traditional, Standard or Classic. None of those guitars suck and I really don't care much if they have a one piece back or 50. They sound good to me and seem to resonate just fine. The only reason I know the Tribute is two piece is because it has a little "birthmark" at the upper left and lower right corner. I couldn't tell you what my three Gibson V's have but I'm pretty sure no corners were cut on any of those guitars. Back in ye olden days, before the internet, we'd just play guitars and they played well and sounded good or they didn't. I don't think I've ever discussed hide glue, two piece backs, long neck tenon, weight relief or any of that stuff. We discussed pickups and back in the day, if you didn't like your pickup, you went DiMarzio. Now there's so many different brands and different styles.
  14. Some say it helps with sustain to take the tailpiece all the way down to the body of the guitar. They then wrap the strings over the top to make the strings feel easier to bend. It also puts less of an angle on the strings over the bridge. I personally haven't done that nor tried it but some people claim it makes a difference. Give it a try and see what you think. It will damage your tailpiece over time, so if it were me, I'd buy a new tailpiece and try it with that one and keep the original aside.
  15. MichaelT


    Holy crap! That's beautiful! Congratulations on the amazing find. I love the color.
  16. I think he just makes the noise with his mouth if that happens.
  17. Thanks. One of my co-workers walked by and I had the sound way too loud. The funny thing is, a band called Jackyl actually had a song with a chainsaw in it. I think they were early 90's though. We were at a club where we regularly played and they were there and he came out with that chainsaw. It was like the parting of the Red Sea.
  18. That's so amazing that you have the talent and creativity to design and make those guitars. I would love to play one some day. That reaction was perfect. It was an "Oh yeah, that's the sound" kind of look. Congratulations.
  19. The Studio is a fine guitar. The singer in my band has one and it looks nice, plays nice and it's a quality instrument. My 2018 Traditional is probably my favorite live guitar though. I like the Burstbucker 1 and 2 combination in it. I hope you enjoy the new guitar but we still need pictures!
  20. Randy Rhoads speed and playing is my favorite for that style. He could play fast when he wanted to. His phrasing was great and melodic. When I play fast, it's something along those lines, usually. Most of the time I'm right at home playing some pentatonic blues/rock style. I usually do something sort of melodic and bluesy and fire it up with a little speed here and there when it feels right. Nothing like those guys. I can't play that fast. It would require a LOT more time than I currently have, playing scales and exercises for 10 hours a day and even then, I wouldn't get there. Revelation Mother Earth (Ozzy/Randy) and Mr. Crowley (same) are about the upper edge of my speed.
  21. I appreciate the technique and dedication but it's unlistenable for me too. The video does show me everything I'm doing wrong though.
  22. The funny thing is that while it can certainly shred, it's sounds just fine playing classic rock, blues, country and whatever else with the pickups it has. Of course, it does hard rock/metal quite well too. And, yeah, she's nice. It was good to talk with her for a bit. I'm really thankful that female musicians are getting more recognition. She can sure tear it up.
  23. I know, right? I've been playing mostly Gibson for 35 years. I still do, of course but that guitar goes some with me too. What I like about it is the single coil in the middle because I can get a pretty decent Strat type sound out of it and don't need to swap guitars. It doesn't come with a life sized poster or anything but I do have an autographed poster, CD and picture. None are life sized though. My lovely wife probably wouldn't care for that too much.
  24. Thank you. I wasn't sure I'd like it and getting used to the neck and fretboard takes a little getting used to.
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