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Hey hey the gangs all here


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Yup, that about covers it!




I never realized you had such a selection.

Got a favorite style? (slab/semi-hollow/LP/hollow?) I'm sure you understand.


Nice collection,




I really like the P93 Riviera's...That particular guitar is my favorite. Looks cool, nice neck size for me, sounds great, correctly priced. The P93 Riviera, to me, is just a great electric guitar. I dig all my guitars... Can you relate ? When I was younger, I had (and still have) a few guitars, but I saved my money for a rainy day. Well, it rained...msp_biggrin.gif

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On a more serious note. I guess you all know I like guitars. I am not a real good player, certainly not close to being a pro, but even at age 61, I am still trying to learn to get better and more proficient. Being retired here in New England, particularly during the colder winter months is harsh, and cabin fever sets in fast. Playing guitar, learning a few new things and just having fun makes the colder months inside a bit more withstandable. I set aside a bit every pay day when I worked. I don't smoke or drink (well only on holiday, special occasions...certainly not an every day thing...not good to be a heavy drinker or smoker...well,not for me...anyways. I always hoped some day to be retired, well...here I am. My place is payed off and I dig Epiphone guitars (which I think is obvious) I presently have no vehicle, pay nothing for car insurance (my wife has a vehicle, she is a few years younger than me and hasn't retired yet. She takes me anywhere if I pay for gas...lol). I live close enough to ocean beaches and Cape Cod/Boston, that a 20 minute drive gets me to a nice beach or fishing hole...that's all the vacation away from home that I (presently) need, and living in this small city, there is a convenience store/delicatessen just down the street, ATM too...I really have no need for a car. I also live close to city center courthouse, so when I get called for jury duty, I can hobble over there (I have a bit of a "limp" now ...I told you "heavy work"...lol) She says likes my many various guitars and most times she doesn't mind me playing a bit loud, most times. We treat each other right and she lets me indulge. She collects old porcilin dolls and has a bunch, probably as many as I have guitars...maybe more. Her apartment/suite looks like a dolls house too, which is cool by me. Her grandmother passed (at age 95) and left her 25-30 beautiful antique porcillin dolls and she has added quite a few, maybe just as many, to her collection...Man, those dolls can get expensive too, but I don't complain. A new doll means a new guitar (usually)...lol...How can she say no...lol. I don't travel too much as I did. I had enough of that when I worked. Among other jobs, I worked as machinist, engineer, supervisor of a machine shop (40 man operation) and quality control engineer. I audited the various machine shops around the USA that produced valve components for industrial valves used in nuclear power plants, as well as did "source inspection" of the various mechanical components used in nuclear industrial valves, prior to the valve being released to be shipped to the place I worked at, or the "site" where the valve would be rebuilt or installed. I also traveled to several oil refinery's to make sure replacement valves were properly installed and running correctly, with all the transmitters and electronic control devices were working after installation and from the computer control area of the refinery..also power plants too as well as several large metal foundry's (where the castings were poured). Among other things, I made sure the spectrometers, the "set-up" standards (metal alloy slugs) had "NIST" trace-ability (through certification review). I also audited the training that the spectrometer operators as well as eddy current equipment, flourscent dye penetrate testing equipment, industrial x-ray equipment (and operator and "defect identification" training and certification was in place. Also audited the "calibration cycles" of all tools, electronic devices, operator training...other stuff required by ASTM and the various quality manuals (that have been reviewed by the NRA) at the various foundry's had to see if they had proper "qualifications". I was a "Lead nuclear auditor", as well as qualified in various non-destructive test methods (dye and eddy current to name a few) . And, at the end of the month, when things needed to be shipped, I'd work in shipping (with permission from the union, as I was a "in management"), making crates and packing/addressing the product for shipment. Man. those 18 hour days killed me...lol. Heavy work indeed. I was also an engineer/inspector at a large business here that made industrial computers that are used in nuclear power pants oil/coal, the food industry...well anywhere that needs an industrial control computer...lol ...Heavy work indeed. Planes, trains and automobiles...enough already. As a machinist, I still have all my fingers...lol. I'm happy to be retired, I put in 40 years working "industrial manufacturing and computer construction", that's enough...time to get serious about guitaring, now...lol

I never realized how hard I worked...wow. Well...I have a house and a few guitars to show for it...more than some other persons I suppose [biggrin]A few of the places I worked prior to retirement

GE valve division (Masoneilan valve)

Siebe Industrial Control (The Foxboro Company)


Ark-Les Switch Corp.

Holmes medical Corp.

New England Electro Corp.

Boston centerless grinding Corp.

The New England Patriots football stadium, concession stand on game days/nights.

Now, you have my (partial) resume...lol


Also, there you have it...don't smoke, drink, do drugs (well, not too much)... save a bit every pay day (if you can, it will build up over time...if you don't spend it...be consistent, can't say much more), and, if you like guitars (as much as I do)...you'll do OK for yourself...maybe...I did...a little

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