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Happy birthday Jimi


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Jimi reportedly had problems sleeping for various reasons and at some date in 1970 in his flat in London he took like 10 sleeping pills and went to sleep for good.


Well.....I know it's 44 years ago now and history so it can't possibly matter, but:


It was the night of 17/18 September 1970.


It was not his flat but the basement flat of the Samarkand Hotel in Notting hill, West London, rented earlier that month by his German girlfriend Monika Danneman, who committed suicide in 1996 after losing a court case.


According to Danneman the sleeping pills (which were hers) were a German brand called Vesperax; one or one and a half would put you out, however Hendrix may have taken up to nine.


He had been drinking earlier that evening and was unable to wake up and roll over when he started to throw up while asleep.


The cause of death was asphyxiation through aspiration of vomit due to a barbiturate overdose. Put bluntly, he drowned in his own puke.


Edit - The Wikipedia article on his death is comprehensive and informative:




The alcohol/sleeping pills combination can be deadly and has accidentally caused the deaths of many, many people.


That is the history. We all miss him; but time has shown that really, he had already done his work and totally changed the course of contemporary music.



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