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Three Dog Night singer Cory Wells dies at 74


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Lost another great one. Read about here. His cottage was actually right down the street from ours. I'd see him around town in the summer but I never talked with him.


Wow, I didn't know that. Missed the news today. My wife must not know or she would have mentioned it. Thanks for the update!

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Jeez, they're all getting up there aren't they? (Me included)


I've been watching quite a few recent concerts by classic rock acts lately (gawd I love youtube) and when you think about it, all of them that I've watched this past week or two - ZZ Top, Zeppelin, Motorhead, AC/DC, Kiss, Sabbath, are mainly 65-70 year olds. Even Iron Maiden, who I watched a 2014 gig of, must be pushing 60. Angus is now 60. Lemmy and Neil will be 70 any week now.


..and I'd still rather watch them all than just about anything else on offer!


So Dennis, you are clearly in your prime! [thumbup]

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