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Epiphone voice?


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My Epiphone sounds like the actress Bette Davis.


Many is the time I have been back in the music room, playing away on that guitar, and my wife will burst in.


"What's going on? Do you have a woman in here?"


"No, of course not. I'm just playing some guitar, and working on some tunes for the next gig."


"Well, I heard a woman's voice, and I want to know what exactly is the deal back here in this music room!"


"The deal is, I am playing my Epiphone, and it sounds like Bette Davis. Listen, have you ever heard the expression, 'woman tone', ever in your life?"


"You mean a woman-tone like a Gibson, big, fat, Billy Gibbons, humbucking guitar tone?"


"Exactly. Well, my Epiphone isn't just blessed with a big fat woman tone, it's a very specific woman tone. Bette Davis, in this case."


(plays a figure, and makes the guitar squawk and howl for just a few syllables)


"Oh holy hell. Bette Davis. Okay, I understand now, and I apologize."


"No big deal, dear. Just make me a sandwich, and bring me another cold beer."


"Don't press your luck, mister B-grade Rick Derringer."


:( :huh:

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I would describe the DR500-MCE as chocolate and chilli, warm and silky smooth with a real "bite" if you want to dig in.


As for the AJ-45ME that was supposed to be arriving on Saturday and is now coming on Tuesday I'd have to say it sounds "distant". [biggrin]

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My AJ-1 is solid mid range smooth with a light thump.

My EJ-160 has a lot of thump to it, very woody with low sparkle, like yours.

My EJ-200 is like a well taught chorus in how it sings depending on how you play it. The echo and reverb inside the box catch the ear and hold it.

My AJ-45ME, chocolaty is a beginning, smooth, strong. When I play it i think of the very beginning of Round About by Yes, as the tone builds in anticipation of the first harmonic.

My Martin DRS 1 has the deep growl, it is velvety smooth, like a mocha made with dark chocolate.

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LOL... you guys crack me up.


I've never played a single Epiphone that sounded like a Martin or a Taylor.


To me they sound like a Gibson... or maybe it's that Gibsons sound like Epiphiones.

Well Teja Gerken of Acoustic Guitar, Feb 2014 may beg to differ, ' Overall, the guitar had more of a Martin sound, with great clarity and projection'

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