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London Tragedy

the other side

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It seems that they don't need explosives any more, just a knife, a vehicle and a burning hatred for our way of life.

What I really don't get is that so many of these so called terrorists are home grown.

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You're right Aussie


I know everyone means it in the greatest respect and best of intentions


But it doesn't belong here this forum


Apologies to the OP who is just sharing sympathy, but with the past few weeks with this forum full of wind up merchants , id be worried about one of them seeing this as an opportunity to stir the pot

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Try to care about something and get slammed. It's no different than some of the other things I've seen posted.


I'm out of here!


Note to "The Other Side"

Please don't let this discourage you to leave the forum.

It's the nature of the internet that folks have strong feelings on 'hot topics'.

Your thoughts and comments are just as valuable as each and every other member.

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