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Brought her home

Gator Slim

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I posted a few days back asking for advice on my guitar purchase. You guys provided me with great info and piece of mind. Today I brought home my first Gibson.


2008 standard, before Gibson redesigned with the asymmetrical neck, cable lock, pc board, etc. Nice fat 59 neck, and plays like a dream. I'm pretty much in love.












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Now that's what I'm talking about !!! That's an awsome looking Les Paul you got man. Wish I could come over and play it.


You know. I got 2 CS Les Pauls. A R7 & R9, but I want so bad to buy a new standard like what you got. Boy I wish I could afford it. Hell if I had the money I'd probably have a 100 Les Pauls. Only problem would be keeping them all maintained would be a full time job.

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