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Ode to Frank Zappa


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Zappa was a master of timing. That's what I learned from him. And jest.


Well, that and the fact that he told Vai he had crappy tone, which he did.


His trust in Carvin gear turned me on to the trusty Bel Air, Nomad, Carvin amps, which I have never owned, but tricked a friend into buying to see if they were any good. They were, in fact, pretty good.


I might buy one someday.


I do like Carvin Bass amps. And their P.A. gear. My R1000 will shake the World.


But, as for Frank, I liked the way he wrote. Still do.



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I must admit I am ignorant to the whole Zappa thing. What Zappa album should I buy that will make me want more Zappa.


I like Apostrophe Now and Overnight Sensation. Some Japanese distributer (RYKO) I think, put them both out on one disk. That was cool. Two Zappa disks for the price of one.


Joe's Garage is also good.

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