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One too many mornings - Open A - J-45


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This song came up suggested by Em7 as a good one for BBG to show his new D16. I agree - hope he plonks a version here when he gets a chance.And anyone else too.

I tried to learn this open tuning version a couple of years ago and gave up.I revisited in the last couple of days and it seemed to come easier.I've never come across this tuning anywhere else. E A C# e a c#.

I've tried open A tunings in blues songs but they were a bit different.This seems more a modal tuning.

Anyway always loved this song - so this is sort of how Dylan played it on Times they are a changin' album.He probably never used this tuning live I'd guess.Capo on 3 key of C.






edit..while recording this I was playing on line scabble and my friend played her word half way through the song.My ipad made a little notification noise-which is audible.See if you sound detectives can spot it.

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I think he gets that a lot. Bob Dylan's Dream (age 22), Boots of Spanish leather (age 23), Lay down Your Weary Tune (age 22), Hard Rain (age 22), and so on and so forth.



Not to mention Mr. Tambourine man, at age 24...

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