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One too many mornings - Open A - J-45


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This song came up suggested by Em7 as a good one for BBG to show his new D16. I agree - hope he plonks a version here when he gets a chance.And anyone else too.

I tried to learn this open tuning version a couple of years ago and gave up.I revisited in the last couple of days and it seemed to come easier.I've never come across this tuning anywhere else. E A C# e a c#.

I've tried open A tunings in blues songs but they were a bit different.This seems more a modal tuning.

Anyway always loved this song - so this is sort of how Dylan played it on Times they are a changin' album.He probably never used this tuning live I'd guess.Capo on 3 key of C.






edit..while recording this I was playing on line scabble and my friend played her word half way through the song.My ipad made a little notification noise-which is audible.See if you sound detectives can spot it.

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