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Help My 8yr old is Listening to Rap


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Sorry, but I hate the stuff and I'm taking Idea's on how to discourage this.


He has always like rock and hard rock.


I tell him, it Sucks and their is no Guitar in it.



See that look in his eyes when I let him touch one of my gibson's with 50 watts going through it,

as he Cranked it up, when he was 6 in his bedroom.

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As much as it sucks, we all go through phases.


I was well in to rap when I was about 16.

I got my first guitar aged 21.

I now have $10k's worth of guitars/amp and have a Zeppelin tattoo.


I wouldn't push him too much, as me may try to rebel against you and choose rap permanently.

Let him go with it and he'll grow out of it - i'm sure.

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When my girls were 8 they listened to country. Now the oldest listens to screaming psycho-punk stuff and the youngest is more mainstream pop. Our musical tastes change, evolve, DEvolve, REvolve, and so will theirs...


As one dad to another, sweat not.

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IF he has an MP3 player sink it with only classic rock.


Guess I'm lucky. My kids have only ever wanted to listen to classic rock. My wife used to put my son's baby carrier on the baby grand when she played.


I know that look in your son's eyes. My son gets that too when their is music playing. He goes into rock star mode.

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He is after exactly what you are giving him...


When I was a kid, it was holes in our Levi's to drive our folks nuts. My daughter did the rap thing. I had to listen to such Lyrically Astute works as "**** N!ggah N!ggah **** N!ggah ****" (actual lyrics... to the entire tune, no joke) I showed her... I ran around singing that song for YEARS....

I had young men of color calling my home to talk to my daughter at all hours of the day and night. I was always very polite and cool with them, which freaked them right out. "You mean, you don't care if black guys call your daughter? Aren't you racist?"


No, I'm not.


And my daughter now would kill or die to go see Tom Petty. She loves Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and tons of really talented groups.




Not that I want to open the religion can of worms, but this is all according to plan. Your children MUST grow up and leave the nest. Think about it.... if there was never any friction... if your parents always paid for everything you wanted and let you do anything you liked, why would you ever leave home?


This "testing the boundaries" is what kids are all about, and the natural friction it builds is what eventually leads to their departure and starting of their own families/lives. All of this is as it is designed, and if handled correctly, will actually strengthen your family bond.



The Reverend ChanMan steps down from his pulpit....

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All good advise. Thanx's soo Much. Needed to Hear all that.

P.S. ChannMan, I really don't know what I would do with girls if I had them.

That a hole different Ballpark. It does sound like you handled it Perfectly.


But I'll tell-ya guys something. Growing up in the late 60's and early 70's like I did,

was completely Different than all that's going on now-a-days.

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Look at it this way.. what would you think of your kid if he didn't rebel a bit? I think I'd be a bit disappointed. Though, I confess, I may eat some crow soon since my own daughter is rapidly approaching puberty. Any way to stop that? =P~

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It starting to look like pay back time for all the **** I pulled when I was younger.

Boys are bad enough. Reminds me of an old Joke.


Two little kids one boy and one girl, 3 yrs old. They start to fight.


The little boys says, I have this tonka truck and you dont.


The little girl says, I have this barbie doll and you dont.


The little boy pulls his pants down and says, I have one of these and you dont.


The little girl pulls her pants down and says, I have one of these and you dont.


With this I can get as many those as I want.


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Again, I'm 100% for the 'let him listen to the music he wants' viewpoint.


As my daughter is only 4(and-a-half) I've got all this to come.


We're pretty hopeful she'll end up all-right. The other day she surprised the mother of one of her friends from school with whom she was playing. The mum asked "Would you like to listen to some music?" and my daughter asked her "Do you have 'California Dreaming' ?"

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I liked rap when it was fun, responsible and on the up-n-up (Beasties, DMC, etc)...even the early "hardcore" (NWA and PE) were RESPONSIBLE and had a real social message instead of "b!tches" this and "bling" that and "fo-teys" and all the gang nonsense. And don't get me wrong, I cuss like a sailor and throw an occasional f-bomb in a song (usually well-contexted, Who-style), but I think the amount of foul language and jibberish in modern rap is ignorant sounding to me. The whole "hip hop/rap culture" is about as useless as the pocket-fisherman if you ask me. I like a little Cypress Hill from time to time, but pretty much any of the crap since about '95 is awful. Anyone with a mouth and vocal chords can talk and write nasty rhymes, it takes talent to be crass and clever with lyrics, and to play an instrument. Straighten that kid out man!


Anyone know any anti-rap kids' bootcamps around? =D>



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