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For the past year and half I have been trying to find the perfect acoustic for me - I think I found it.  Got this in a little shop in North Carolina called "Ron's Pickin' Parlor" and if it wasn't for GPS I doubt I would have found the place.  I went in to look at two different guitars with Adirondack tops - tried them both and after playing for 10 minutes or so the shop owner suggested I try a different one with a German (European) spruce top.   I bought it.


Rosewood body with a nice backstrap


It is a Collings D2HG (D for dread, 2 for rosewood, H for herringbone, and G for the German top)  Ebony bridge and fingerboard.  Waverly tuners.


It is a cannon, plenty of headroom to really strum hard it you want, and nice balance of lows, punchy mids, and clear ringing highs.  I think my search is over😁


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27 minutes ago, zigzag said:

Sweet. That's less than two hours from where I live, and I've never heard of it. I need to check it out. 

You should Zig, he carries Collings, Martin, Eastman and Blue Ridge guitars as well as mandolins, banjo's and fiddles.  It is out in the middle of no where south of Stanfield.  Right now due to the virus issues you have to make an appointment and then you would be the only one in there with the owner, but he will limit you to playing only a couple guitars.  Can't spray Lysol on an expensive guitar, but worth the trip if he has something you think you're interested in.

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