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It's worse than that.......


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From his new album -

William Shatner – The Blues

1. Sweet Home Chicago feat. Brad Paisley
2. I Can’t Quit You Baby feat. Kirk Fletcher
3. Sunshine of Your Love feat. Sonny Landreth
4. The Thrill Is Gone feat. Ritchie Blackmore
5. Mannish Boy feat. Ronnie Earl
6. Born Under a Bad Sign feat. Tyler Bryant
7. I Put A Spell on You feat. Pat Travers
8. Crossroads feat. James Burton
9. Smokestack Lightnin’ feat. Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
10. As the Years Go Passing By feat. Arthur Adams
11. Let’s Work Together feat. Harvey Mandel & Canned Heat
12. Route 66 feat. Steve Cropper
13. In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company feat. Albert Lee
14. Secrets Or Sins

Nice guest list, but.....OUCH!

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6 minutes ago, Rabs said:

Ohh god...  Just why...  Any kitchness about Shanter has well passed.. Theres nothing cool or even funny about it..  Its just really sad... Why any serious musician would get involved in this is beyond me.

Cause people are writing them a check.

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1 hour ago, ghost_of_fl said:

For what it's worth, this video alone has almost 5 million views:


The new video above was viewed 60,000+ times in the 2 days it has been live.  They say you can't argue with success. 

This song was number 1 in this country in 1993..  Theres just no accounting for taste   😛



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Universally awful.

Shatner has made several albums of pop/rock covers with guest musicians.  Brad Paisley is on most of them somewhere; perhaps next we can expect a country album or -  dare I boldly  suggest a duet with Dylan?  



As they say, "should go far - starting immediately" [laugh]

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