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sustain & neck PU removal


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I've just caught this from Phil McKnight. I am genuinely surprised. When he was playing with the pickup removed, at first I thought he was hitting the string harder, but he repeated this test 10 times to average out differences.



As Phil notes, it seems more pertinent to say the note/chord sounds less compressed with no neck pickup.

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Lots of front pickups sit directly under a node mid-way between 12th fret and the saddles where the string stops.  You may be hearing the difference between a pickup directly under that node possibly robbing some ring and vibration and just wood under there reflecting ring and vibration.

I'm not a physicist, nor do I play one on the Beeb.  But I have had problems with some guitars not ringing the harmonics right over the front pickup, can't get them no matter what.  It's just maff and string length and stuff.


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8 hours ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Good to know, because there are all these songs I want to play but they require playing one chord and holding it for 30+ seconds without hitting the strings again.  🤥

Ahh... I'm awaiting the youtub vids with baited breath...

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42 minutes ago, badbluesplayer said:

I think there's probably some small amount of magnetic pull on the strings.  Plus, the thing Ron was saying about the nodes thingy probably magnificates the whole situatation.  So when the nodes don't line up with the pickup location, maybe it attenuatizes the volumation.

yea,, it's always a possibility,  and don't forget that  the fluxnnotor that makes the retusfram arc inside the winding often will create an offset in an a perpendicular pattern that obscures even the slightest arbiration.  One has to keep these things in mind you know...   Just stayin... 

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