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Anyone want to guess a price on the new Noel Gallagher J-150?

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9 hours ago, JuanCarlosVejar said:

Apparently Paul Weller scored one of the NG’s J 150’s :






Noel and Weller are very good friends. I suspect Noel gave him one as a gift. 

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6 hours ago, Michaelcola said:

Finally got mine! Apparently picture is too big to post. But I assure you it is in hand lol 

Congrats, I used imgur to post a pic of mine. 

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7 hours ago, meanstreak said:

Anyone actually opened the little envelope with the Adidas sticker?  

Wondering if it’s a sticker or a vinyl peel-n-stick that you can remove?

Haven't opened mine. I don't plan on sticking it on my guitar. Seems like it's held up well on NG's J-150 though considering all the years and gigs he's had it on there for. 

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