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Are these out-of-the-box defects acceptable..?


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Brand new Gibson Custom SG Les Paul Standard, 60th anniversary reissue...

Straight out of the box, I'm presented with the following:

- Scuff and wear marks on the top (bass) horn 
- Loose screw rattling around inside the vibrola unit
- Rust spots inside the vibrola unit
- small but significant dents in many of the upper frets
- warped vibrola cover that won't sit flush 
- slight crack in one of the tuning peg heads
- the sideways vibrola is famously awful, but this unit is unusable. It stays in whatever position you move it to, and will not return to it's neutral/in-tune position after use. 

Please enjoy these pictures and videos... I certainly didn't enjoy making them.

Let me know if I'm being picky/unreasonable here... I just expected a lot more from such an expensive Custom shop instrument.


Pictures & Videos of all of the above are located here: https://imgur.com/a/JupF791


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Where did this come from?  It looks like some "Show Worn" signs there. 

I doubt this came from a place like Sweetwater.    Typically, no shop wear on those as they are usually resealed in the factory shipping container once they are inspected and photos are taken.

However, if that was hanging on a store rack like Guitar Center than yea, someone or someones got their Mits all over it before you bought it.

maybe return it and look elsewhere.


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I bought a guitar on line from Guitar Center and returned it to my local store, as well as an amp head.  I only had each of them for a few days, nothing wrong either, just returned them because they weren't what I was looking for...    Anyway, each time, when I went back to the store a couple days later, the items I returned were on display as NEW items... So..  Who knows..  I would send it back....

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