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When I was a kid and bought my first really good guitar (SG Standard) my best friend had also bought a brand new white Flying V. We were both in love with our own guitars but in a weird way almost slightly jealous of the other’s because they were both so cool.


I have never forgotten how awesome that guitar was and I’ve always wanted a Flying V ever since. For my next build I’m going to fashion a V shaped contraption to suit my boyish desires and I’m hoping for some inspiration 


Please flash me dat V if you’ve got it. If it‘s one of those 80’s ones without the pickguards you get big bonus points and ultra triple points if it has a Floyd Rose

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I got this 2019 antique natural Gibson Flying V new in early 2020. It's light and balanced with a neck that feels like a 1960s profile and plays smooth and fast. The pickups sound great both clean and dirty. I thought the V shape would be uncomfortable sitting down, but if you put the crook of the V on your right thigh it's pretty comfortable.



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