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Staggered tuners on Les paul?


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Just got a les paul modern this week and realized that the tuner posts are staggered (shorter posts on EAD strings). The shop said it's a new design to prevent strings from popping out from the nut and buzzing. I have walked around some instrument shops, checked some les pauls including the same model but did not find anything like this. 

I would like to know if this is legit? Or could there be a problem from the manufacturing process?



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I see that on Sperzels that I put on all my Fenders but not on a Gibson. In my time here on this planet I have never seen a Les Paul having a problem with strings popping off the nut. And why just the three wound strings? I agree with Steve Ford on the "Liquid Lunch Special".

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22 hours ago, jdgm said:

It would make more sense to have them on the treble side.

Agreed. I thought it was until you said that.

I have seen tuning machine sets with staggered posts and seen them on guitars (but not Gibsons). 

I'm tempted to suggest that Gibson used some and misunderstood the manufacturer's intent. Seems unlikely, I know. 

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This is actually a very good idea. What this fixes is the infamous G and B string going out of tune.

I saw some youtuber describing how when he strings a Les Paul, he lets the G,B,E strings move UP the post instead of down.

This way they end up a bit higher, reducing friction on the nut, this solves a lot of binding problems that get the strings out of tune.

Ever since i saw this I've been doing too with very good results.

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