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Nut material used in 2011 Les Paul Junior


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I have a 2011 Les Paul Junior that Gibson says has a Corian nut, however my luthier is adamant the nut is bone.

Any info on how to determine if my specific nut is bone is much appreciated as well as any general info on the history of Gibson nut material in the 2008-2012 Les Paul Juniors.

Thanks in advance!


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Those little chipped areas where the slots are, he may be right.  No expert here, but I am not at all sure that Corian would erode and chip away like that.


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From my own other Gibsons from the same era...I always thought it was corian. 



Yours looks like it too. 


It can become brittle sometimes too.


Bone has more of a sheen to it. 

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Gibson maybe occasionally uses bone nuts on made 2 measure guitars or something where the customer specs that but it’s not a normal thing to come on any production model. In this case unless the guitar has been modified it’d be reasonable to just assume it’s not a bone nut

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