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Cram-boooooh!!! You know durned well I c'ain't play without a gi-tar string!


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Yeah, I liked the, "HERE Kitty, kitty, k,k,k,k,k,k,k,k,kitty.. Oh there you are. Lean down here you ornery critter. It won't hurt much if I pull it out quick."


Thanks RichCI! I needed that blast from the past. Not bad background music, neither.


I may have a new avatar in a bit.

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I just HAD to find out. You know who does the singin'?


Shug Fisher. I remember him best as the short, womanizing, caniving, Shorty Kellums who kept dodging his promise to marry Elvirna Bradshaw. You remember Elverna Bradshaw don't you? She was from Bugtussle and was Daisy May (Granny) Moses's arch nemesis, on The Beverly Hillbillies.


He was always half shaved, balding and had one eye that was just a bi-i-i-i-t squinted. Alwasy dapperly dressed... for 1865.


I think he may have made a career out of this, cain't get the words out, nor remember them, nor sing high enough singin'.

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