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Andre S

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My vote goes for "no".


SG neck joints are famous for being weak and easily broken, but I havent seen one do that in person, have read on the net about 50 maybe 60 but that's a little too little for the best selling gibson of all time (lets say 1000 have experienced neck breakage... that's 1000 out of millions produced, and something tells me those people werent treating them right).



The rest of them? Not at all. Even the SG has a better neck joint now so there's no reason to worry.


What bothers some people is with a bolt on neck you can just change it if something happens, but with a set neck it's costly and not for the average player to perform.

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My '79 "The SG" neck joint once picked up Hulk Hogan and body slammed his drunk a$$ to the floor in a bar in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1985. I was there. I saw it. He even had hair back then.


Nobody had cell phones back then, there are no pictures.......


Trust me......


I didn't buy the guitar for several years, because it was in a glass case......


It's a legend......

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Comparatively*, yes, but if you take care of them and don't have any major accidents, they're fine.


*Compared to a Fender but those things are nearly indestructable... nor are they Gibsons... not that there's anything wrong with that.

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