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The worlds f*****


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Television is the worst drug addiction in the USA (possibly the world).


Drug addiction you say?

1) It takes stronger and stronger doses to get you off ("Leave It To Beaver" won't do anymore)

2) If quit, the user gets withdrawal symptoms

3) The watcher cannot tell the difference between the drug induced state and reality (just ask any actor who plays a villain on TV, if he/she is spotted downtown, people verbally abuse the actor as if he/she is the role he/she plays).


Disconnect the cable, take down the antenna, and turn it off.


I haven't watched TV since the 1980s, no antenna, no cable, and no digital converter. I do have a TV and once or twice a week I watch a Netflix movie, and that's absolutely it. And my life is better for it.


Instead of watching TV I learned how to write user styles for Band-in-a-Box and started my own business. Learned how to write HTML and made web sites for my band and my Band-in-a-Box business. Learned how to play wind synthesizer and lead guitar. And basically am living my life by doing things instead of living my life vicariously by watching actors pretending to do things.


Just say "no" to television.


Insights and incites by Notes

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WOW Bob I am impressed. I must say that being in a warm weather climate would certainly cut down on my viewing, I am an outside

person and these Chicago winters are are killing me.

If it were not for family and my business....I would have left years ago.

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What does a 8 year old know that the parent didn't teach them?

Let alone allow that crap to get on tv.


some how I don't think it is learned behavior. These kids know they are different from an early age. It is pretty sad outcome for most of them. I don't think anyone would ever choose that fate. The only thing a kid at that age wants is to be like every other kid...

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