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Reverb pedals?


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What kind of reverb? Spring? Digital? Plate?


I am a die hard spring reverb guy and use one of these. It ain't one of those expensive tube units' date=' but it puts out wet & tasty spring reverb.[/quote']


Well I've always had amps with a real spring reverb ~ I've just not learned how to integrate them into my amp builds yet. However, why type depends on the song, but over all I like Spring and Plate reverbs.


As it turns out I bought the Digitech Hardwire RV-7

I'm going to eventually buy the TC electronics delay so eventually I'll have both.


This is what I bought:



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That looks sweet!...I have never seen anything like that before.


Thanks. I got mine with purple elephant tolex. Very sexy pedal that will get noticed. I *highly* recommend checking out Van Amps website just to see what this cat has going on in the Twin Cities.

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I have only used one - the Electro Harmonix Holy Grail - good stuff.




THEY HAVE THE HOLIER GRAIL AND THE HOLIEST GRAIL all more expensive and all make nose must be due to the circuitry, bu the plain old HOLY GRAIN is the BOMB,,,perfect. I SWIm IN REVERB for my sound and live the HALL<SPRING FLERB and on other,but that is all ya need and the mount is adjustable and itis the quietest pedal I have used.


HAND MADE IN NYC with great warranty you can;t go wrong....especially for all those low wattage heads coming out now with no reverb these fix the problem right away !!!


Take your ax to a GC and try em out,,,with a bassman something with no reverb and you can clearly hear how strong it is..amazing what they can do with analog.


One pedal that is a MUST HAVE is the BBE SONIC STOMP, I have been asked by several people what are they dfor and basically the best way to explain them is play your amp without one and it sounds great right????


No it being at the end of your pedals so it is the last pedal before going in to the amp and when ya turn it on with setting at NOON it sounds like you had a blanket on your amp that was lifted....all the notes that got lost some where now stick out, your playing seems crisper...

They are the best upgrade you can do other than Bumble bee's for under 100.00 !!


Take you ax to GC ad try out the bbe and the HILY GRAIL I guarantee you leave with BOTH !!!!



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