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Continuation of Matt's Dr. Who thread


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Thanks. DJ... We don't get the show, as far as I can tell, anymore. Used to be on PBS....

We watched for years..

First Jon Pertwee/Lis Sladen..


And then out favorites.. Tom Baker


& Louise Jameson


We also watched Peter Davison but I'm pretty sure that the series wasn't available after we moved.

My wife watched him "religiously" in the "All Creatures Great and Small" series..

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Just come back from a beer with Flight 959 (Simon) and was greeted by "you never guess what they deleted the Dr Who thread you made"




Well good to see some Dr Who love here; the recent episode where an English speaking countries half black president was replaced by Dr Who's nemesis, 'the Master' was excellent!


I love Tom Baker and Christopher Ecclestone. I also love the grown up spin off Torchwood[cool]



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I watched the End of Time Part I on BBC America last night...awesome. Been a Dr. Who fan for years. Favorite Doctors (#4 & #10 tied. #5 & #9 tied. From there...not sure.) Hope the show keeps its high level with Doctor #11 and doesn't tank like it did after #6 until it came back with #9.)


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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Matt/anyone who's a fan,I've a question for ya all.

Now think: Do you remember that weird balloon headed creature in the tin foil looking space suit? When he took his helmet off there was a plug at the nape of his neck. That was the only way to kill him - by getting close enough to pull the plug.

This is all from memory mind you,so I might be a little off...now...what was that nemisis' name?:- [biggrin]:-$

Oh...he first made an appearance in Tom Baker's era.


Good luck!

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