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Virtuoso Premium Polish.... It actually KICKS BUTT!!!

duane v

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A bit pricey for such a little bottle, but that stuff actually works....


I've never been much into cleaning my guitars, and even less polishing them. But I gave her a cleaning last night, and shot a couple of photos with a real digital camera I have at work. All I have to say is WOW!!! It even brightened up the the polished brass a bit[blink]





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Oh' date=' natural aging is the best. It didn't look old enough at all, you've taken very good care of it.[/quote']


The poor girl was in storage for 18 or so years....


When I pulled her out in Feb of last year, the blue case liner dye had etched itself all over the finish[crying] .... I had it completely buffed, and my Luthier had to use some red cutting rouge to get it all out.

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I am not touching that stuff - Classic white and it yellowed your guitar. You are just saying that thing was stored 18 years. :^oThat dang guitar is brand new. Now stop pulling our legs and admit it. Look at that shine. No checking no nothing.


Where did you get that stuff btw? [biggrin]

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Why would you keep a guitar like that in storage for 18 years?

How long have you owned it' date=' because it looks great?

Are you the original owner?

It's a '71 or '72?[/quote']


I stopped playing music all together in 1990. Didn't pick up a guitar again until 2003 when I pulled the Moser and Kramer out of storage. Then I pulled my SG..... Then started pulling my other guitars out of storage. I still have a few more in storage, and I still need to dig out my older brothers EDS1275.... I think it's a 1976, but not sure, and neither is he[confused]


I purchased the LPC brand new in February of 1981 at the GC of Hollywood..... it's a 1980 LPC. Only mods are the frets and scalloped fret board (done recently).... The neck binding had to be replaced, because it fell apart during the refret, which is why it doesnt match the rest of the binding. But my Luthier did try and get it close.


The pup-covers were either installed at GC or Kalamazoo, cant get any clear answers on that, but pickups are Shaws according to the stampings, or that's what I've been told.... She weighs in at 12.75 lbs, but she is starting to check in places, and the binding is starting to separate/fracture in certain places as well.


I was 16 when I purchased her, she ran me close to $1200 including the case out the door. From what I've been told that's a bit much for a LPC in 1981. The back of the headstock has some additional markings, but didn't really think much of it until a couple of forum-mites brought it to my attention, that my guitar was a custom order/run, and that's why it has the pearl plate with "REG. NO. 001."


I'm very new to guitar forums. I didn't join any til September 2008[blush] ..... Prior to that, I had no clue what headstock serial number and pots ID... ect...ect... translated to... LOL!!!


I've learned quite a bit about Gibson's and Epi's from doods like you over the last year.[biggrin]

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"Purdy' date=' Purdy, Purdy!!" Now...PLAY that thing!!!! ;>) LOL!




I would CB, but I just can't keep my hands off my Epi Casino[wub] ..... I can't believe people would buy that guitar as a collectors item[confused] . That guitar is built to be played.

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I would CB' date=' but I just can't keep my hands off my Epi Casino[wub'] ..... I can't believe people would buy that as a collectors item. That guitar is built to be played.



Yeah, I know...I've neglected my '66, far too long. But, it needs some "servicing,"

and that's a full days trip, to the City, for me. I need to get it faradayed (shielded),

and some other less extensive things done. It's "OK" as it is...but, I want it to be

"optimum," you know?



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Sweet Custom Duane ! I wonder if the Virtuoso cleaner will take the VOS gunk off my LPC. It's almost like my LPC sweats the VOS gunk out of its pours...


mr newhaven you can find the covers, but their not cheap.


Embossed Gibson covers



duane i love your pickup covers...


ive been looking for gibson pickup covers now for over 2 years


you just cant find them!

enjoy that beast!

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Ahh Duane after looking at the pics of your LPC ' date=' I can't help but notice the problem. The problem is, it is not white. I feel you should send it to me and await further instructions lol



Very nice LPC and the shine is the bomb !!! Great job.[/quote']


I didnt even try the guitar out, I just told the GC sales person to pull it down, and I just took it home. It wasn't until I got home and started playing on the low/wide frets, that I just didnt like the feel of the neck at all[blink] ..... Basically the guitar pretty much sat under the bed, unless one of my pals wanted to use it.

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Oh I know how you feel Duane. When I was 18 I had $ 22000.00 put in my lap. First trip I made was to the guitar store lol. Ibanez custom shop, GK amp with 2 custom made 2-12 cabinets and a bunch of pedals. I was happier than a pig in sh$$ . However I loved my guitar and just could never imagine putting something like that away for so many years.



The Virtuoso polish is great stuff. I've used once now on my traditional and it's still lustering after two weeks [confused]

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