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Very Very Weird !


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I was just posting a reply on Wileys post a very A very very strange thing happened on my computer ! I started hearing music violins ect. It got louder then an ad for a cruise on lake superior came on for a restored sailing vessal

It lasted about 30 secs and disapeared . I looked too see if I had left another site on or something but no! I had not? Just out of the blue ? I called my wifr in and she was mystified also ? This has never happened in my computer experience ever? My idea is some how Microsoft has found a way or comcast or somebody to while you are surfing the net send advertising your way ! Whats up with this? [thumbup]


Has anybody elese experienced this type of thing?

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I would consider running an ad-ware / mal-ware scanner on your system along with an updated virus scan immediately especially if you ar running any flavor of Windows!


Most popular baddie on the net right now is getting things on user's computer that feeds advertisements ! They can be pop-ups like you experienced or even replace the ads on all your web pages with ads provided by the virus / mal-ware.


If you are on Windows try:




another alternate spyware finder is:




if you don't already have an anti-virus program use this free one:




Just look closely on downloading cause they try and get you to buy thier paid one, but if you follow the links for thier free versions then they still work great !

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here is another suggestion for you!


microsoft on its official site has something called One Care live...


its free and you can download it and have it scan your computer for viruses, ad-ware...it even optimizes your computer...


BUT it is not always running like McAfee or Norton...

so you cannot think of it as a substitute but it can be used to possibly help identify and quarantine your issue...


a couple of notes...

it takes about three hours to do a full scan so be prepared for that

and usually it only works on microsoft internet explorer...so no safari or firefox...


on Internet Explorer go to www.safety.live.com


and if that site doesnt work google microsoft one care live...


just click on the button that says "full scan" or "full system scan" something like that...and it should be the latest and greatest...i hope that helps

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I have a iMac and something like this did happen to me a few weeks ago, BUT it wasn't an advertisment. It was a band playing. I use Firefox as a browser and I always save my settings when I shut it down, so the next time I turn my computer on the pages I use most (like myspace and my bands website, email etc) are already there just as I left them. But everytime I turned my computer back on I kept getting this music going round and round and it was driving me nuts. I shut things down, made sure it wasn't from iTunes etc. Eventually I realised that some site was opened in a separate tab and although it wasn't easily visible the site was open and I was hearing it. Took me a few days to figure it out. Maybe it's something like that. You may have accidentaly clicked on an ad, and then it could still be open in a tab or webpage somewhere? Don't know, hope that helps!!!

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I have Macaffree that should do the trick right?


The problem is, this sort of malware protection only works against known threats. When something new comes along, it can infect your computer before your defenses are updated.


If you want to run Windows and still be reasonably secure, your best bet is to run on a virtual machine (VMware Fusion, or the like). The reason is that defenders do their analysis of malware on VMs. Half-way sophisticated attackers know this, and design their malware to test whether its running on a VM and then abort rather than attack if it is, in order to make the analysis and subsequent development of a defense harder.


-- Bob R

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