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New Guitar Day - Epiphone ES335 Dot Vintage Sunburst


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Just got my first Epi ES335 Dot ](*,)

Posted these elsewhere but thought I'd rightfully share it here too.




Decided to remove the 'E' sticker stuck on the pickguard. May want to change the knobs to tophats later.



Close up.

Pickups are not as hot but does have a nice warm bluesy tone.







New addition to the 'family' ;D:P


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That, my friend, is a gorgeous guitar! I love Vintage Burst on any guitar, and this is no exception. I personally wouldn't change a thing, I think the amber knobs look great, but top ahts would look great too. Good call on removing the 'E' on the pickguard, looks much cleaner without it.


Anyhow, enjoy the Dot!

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Very nice indeed. So how does it play? Does this have a neck similar to the LP or is it a bit wider?


Also, what is your opinion of your LP Studio over on the left? I was seriously thinking about buying this very same guitar in that finish.

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doh ](*,) how could I not figured that out haha.


I would say the Dot has pretty much similar chunky necks except to the Standard 08 which definitely feels different. However I find it much easier to access the higher frets on the Dot. Pickup is pretty good in its own right, mellow and bluesy although not as hot and 'open' as the Gibsons.


MichaelE: You should really try out the Vintage Mahogany. Excellent value for money if you could find a good deal, prices has gone up these days :( However the neck is very comfortable and non of the stickiness. Lack of a fancy finish and binding but it plays really well, you'll be suprised. And it growls the moment you plug it in.

Infact the finishing is smoother compared to the BFG lol. Oh the BFG is just another beast haha.

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