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Help choosing a guitar. Opinions needed


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Without being biased, without "brand loyality", can you guys give me an honest answer on what type of Les Paul style guitar is just an all around better guitar...wood, craftsmanship, electronics, neck...ect ect ect...


1. Black Beauty (Japan)


2. Ibanez ART300 (Indonesia) (Active pickups and won Guitar of the Year at the 2009 Music and Sound Awards.)


I know this is an Epiphone forum, but I'll bet most of us HAVE owned or currently own other brands.





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Artist series Ibis are one of the more sought after closet collectibles out there.


They're similar to the Epi Genesis that I collect in that they're solid mahogany, and heavy as hell.


But they look fantastic, sustain for years, and have all the attributes of the high-quality, older Japanese-made classics.

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This whole thread is an arguement in the making.

We all have to hold and play a guitar for us to form an opinion.

We all have different hands, and ears. We all play different music at different volumes.

What works for one, won't for another.

I like my Epi les Paul. I played a few other brands, but the Epi simply felt, played,

and sounded better to me. I played Gibsons in the same room, through the same amp

and didn't think the difference in sound (small in my opinion) was worth the

extra 2000 bucks.

Go and play the guitar. Don't worry about other people's opinions. Make whatever you choose, your guitar.

Any gear can be swapped out, or improved if necessary.

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Yeah they do' date=' that's why Notes bought Leilani the new Ibanez of her choice for her birthday. Aren't they professional musicians?



Umm thats an acoustic w/nylons totally different world there buddy, but I can tell by your name what your pulling for.........id say screw both of those and look for a used Gibby LP worn, or studio for a good price...the black beauty in my opinion is waaaayyy to much to pay for a non elitis epi, you could get a Gibby sg fadded fot that and install another pup

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I have a 2007 Ibby xpt 700 and i would put it up against any of your Epi's & Fenders except the Prophecy. It has neck thru body, DiMarzio pups and Floyd rose style trem. It sustains forever, holds up under the heaviest of distortion and never goes out of tune. Play em all and buy what feels, plays and sounds right to you after all it's you that has to be happy not us!

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