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It never ceases to amazem


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In reference to a cruise ship that was adrift at sea due to an engine room fire.


Associated Press by Elliot Spagat and Julie Watson


Travelers disembark 'nightmare'


SAN DIEGO – They can call it a nightmare. A cruise from hell. Even a Spamcation.


Whatever they label it, the grueling three-day journey of the crippled Carnival Splendor is over, and the nearly 4,500 passengers and crew members can forget about the backed-up toilets, the darkened, stuffy cabins and the canned meat.


"I love being back on land," said passenger Ken King, 42, of Los Angeles.


As the ship docked on Thursday, people who had gathered on the decks and about 100 waiting onshore cheered loudly. Along the harbor, tourists, joggers and fishermen stopped to snap photos.


Passengers snapped up $20 T-shirts being sold on land with the phrase: "I survived the 2010 Carnival cruise Spamcation."



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I think if he bought a boat, floated it out to the cruise BEFORE they got back, and was trying to sell them T-Shirts WHILE they were still on the boat, THEN he'd be profiting off their misery.


On land he was profiting off Carnival's mechanical problems.

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