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I may be getting an Epi 56 Gold Top


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Hello all,

I have always wanted a Gold Top Les Paul and my local music store has an Epi. 56 GT for $449.00.

I have played it a few times and it plays great, the P-90's seem to produce a nice smooth Blues tone and the finish is very nice and now I am inches from plunking down the cash for it but I would like to hear some thoughts on it from anyone here that owns one first.




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OOH! I love that guitar...have one at the shop. I play it every weekend. feels nice.

but I dont like how I have to tune it every weekend (typical for Epi floor models)

go for it. when you get it tell us,post pictures. and I'll give you an internet hug [flapper]

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Here's mine........I love it, but just can't get used to the buzz from the P-90s, so for Christmas, Santa is bringing me a set of GFS 180 Soap Bars.....Vintage Wound, Totally noiseless, True P-90 Tone, and look like a soap bar with 2 rows of p'up poles.




These are the p'ups Santas bringing...right click on link


My link

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Check this out:



With these mods, I pretty much eliminated the P90 buzz. You don't have to do it all, but shielding is a "must". It's a lot cheaper than new pups. I really like the tone of the P90s as they are unique. Not like a Fender and different than a PAF. Way funky cool.



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Hey Shawn, I just picked up a well worn '56 Goldtop RI two weeks ago for around $300 shipped and I love it. I've been wanting one for several years and was just a bit hesitant but I finally took the plunge and I'm very happy that I did! I have a Gibson '02 LP Classic plus and I like it a lot, but the Epi somehow sits in my hands easier if that makes any sense. I have a set of Duncan STK-P1's I'll put in shortly to contend with the noise issues (which are NORMAL for P90's). I say go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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I have one, but hated the P90 hum, so I put a set of Gibson Minis in it. I'm much happier now.




I have an old photograph of my Dad in which he is holding a gibby les paul deluxe gold top with mini humbuckers. 30 years on and many guitars later he still maintains that it was the best sounding guitar he ever had.


Buying one is well out of my reach, but, perhaps the epi gold top with those mini's in would be a sweet guitar. [biggrin]

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I've owned one for 5 years now... I love it... my buddy literally owns 37 Gibson LP's, and to be honest my Epi plays and looks better than two thirds of his collection... build quality is amazing on mine.perfect finish, binding work, and absolutely perfect neck and frets... I play mine thru a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe on the clean channel only, using a Boss DS 1 for crunch.... GO BUY IT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GET'S IT!

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Hey guys,

I went to the local music store the other day to get the Gold Top but someone already beat me to it! :( I called around to some other stores but they were sold out as well.

BUT! All is not lost! Today happened to be a Happy New Guitar Day! I was doing some work for an old lighting and sound company I used to work for today and we stopped my a music store and they were sold out of the Epi. Gold Top's as well but I saw a brand spanking new Ace Frehley model Les Paul Custom hanging on the wall for $550.00 and since the Ace Frehley Les Paul was something I have always wanted as well, I snatched it up!!!!! They told me they ordered a big stock of them when they first came out and they had the one on the wall and one in the box which is the one I got. It's a beautiful guitar with a sweet Flame Maple top and really nice body, neck and headstock binding. And HEAVY!!! It feels quite a bit heavier then my L.P. Standard Plain Top. and after a set up, it plays like a dream! I'll post pics ASAP.

Also, I researched the serial number and found that it was made in May of 2004 in the Saein Plant, in Korea and was number 0632


I do however, still plan to get an Epi. Gold Top in the near future to complete my Epi. Les Paul collection.






1987 Gibson SG Elite USA in Pearl While w/OHSC

2010 Epiphone Les Paul Standard HCSB Plain Top Made in China

New Old Stock 2004 Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom HCSB Flame Maple top Made in Korea

Crate XT120R 2x12 Combo

Marshall 4x12 cab.

Vintage Silvertone 10watt practice amp

Digitech RP-90

BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive for great Blues Tones


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mine is totally modded, it came that way (bought used)

90's KA s-90's

CTS pots

Sprague OD caps

All switchcraft.

Plays like a champ

Sounds F'n great.

not sure how they sound stock,

great inexpensive mod platform.

I give it two thumbs up.


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i love mine got it cheap as the tone controls didnt work right paid 245 got the epi hard case with it. rewired it. changed the orange control knobs out for gibson gold tophats d changed the tuners out for klussons

nice guitar good luck with yourshttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001716907126&v=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=117079518359278&set=a.108620485871848.10893.100001716907126

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