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Are You Surprised?

Andre S

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I don't think I would be surprised by anything with that much built in technology being delayed.


I would also not want to be an early adapter, as usually Marketing wins out over Engineering, and the decision ends up being to "retro-fix" the bugs with software updates later. Not that the FB-X is for me anyway [biggrin]

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It has extra delay...get it?

Yup, there will be a Chorus of complaints from the four customers waiting for them. One of the four will cry Wah Wah, suffer from severe compression and commit suicide. The second customer suffers from low EQ, and will be Tube Sreaming to Gibson about the delay from his Pod; of course Gibson will tell him he's blowing the delay way out of distortion and to stop getting his Fuzzface in a knot, which will only put him in a bad Moog, with bad Vibes floating around him. The third customer, Lesile, is swirling with anger over the Delay, and may actually true-bypass his decision to buy one in the first place, but may be impatient enough to end up in a Loop Station. The fourth customer will wait while sitting on a bar stool Multi-Tapping his foot in tempo, while wet/dry crying in his beer.......It may be hard to gauge, but Gibson may continue to String them along, causing further delay like MojoRedFoot pointed out in the first place......Who knows ??? Maybe the Re-issues will come out first...At least the delay is not one of EPI proportions, and should not be considered a Capo.......

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This parody is not to be taken seriously (enough to get me banned).


(The sound of FirebirdX delay).........


Hey, guys ! [-o< I THINK i've got THIS one working right, I mean, EVERYTHING all seems to work, at the same time, so, i'm taking it home tonight to try out....... [biggrin]

(Chorus) i'm next [drool] ......then me [woot] .......hey, don't forget me [love] .......


(The next morning)

How'd the tryout go last night?

FINE, until I realized that we'd forgotten a socket that will let us plug it into a real amp........ [scared]


Back to the drawing board.......

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Two Firebird Xs walk into a bar, bartender asks, " What can I do for you, you look bent out of shape, and your color keeps changing ?"


Firebirb X replies, CENSORED...............


Just in; The matching X amp has also been delayed...............

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