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soooooooo happy to be back!

S t e v e

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hi all, motherboard on the pc fried so had no pc for what seems like an eternity! [crying] , it's still awaiting a new motherboard but i got so desperate that i bought a new pc "tower" today [biggrin], i promise you...you realy do not no what you got till it's gone.


hope you are all well [thumbup]


p.s thanks to scott for the "post for me thread! [laugh]

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Tell the truth you was hanging out with Via again and didn't want to brag.......


hahaha yea!, i got an email saying he was doing another masterclass...been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and photo) [biggrin].


jocko, if vai ever comes to a city near you and you have the time and money...pay his class a visit and you will walk away a new man [wub]

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