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There is much live footage of Free, unfortunately. That clip was from the Isle of Wight in 1970 - estimated

attendance 600,000. If you are a fan, you should buy the Free Forever DVD. It has all the known video footage

of Free, Isle of Wight included. They were truly a great band that could have been huger had not a few events

conspired against their success.

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I saw them on the 22nd of Aug. 1969.

They were the first act on the USA Blind Faith concert tour, the were billed as The Free, the second act was Delaney & Bonnie and Friends (which included Leon Russell on piano) Then Blind Faith....after they finished their set all three bands came on stage and played a extra set, the police finally shut it down around 1:30 am...

It was the best $6.50 I ever spent! Those days are gone forever...

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I've said it many times before but I'll say it again anyway.


PK was the reason I picked up a guitar.


In the same way some people remember what they were doing when they heard of the death of JFK I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I learned of Kossoff's death. Tragic loss.



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