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2112 intro cover


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Me and a buddy from another guitar forum collaborated on a few Rush tunes awhile back.

Most of them didn't see the light of day. lol


I thought I'd share this one though. Mix is borderline disastrous, but still fun to do.

I'm playing the Les Paul through my DSL 401, cheapo bass direct, and my friend laid down

the drum track. Our intent was to eventually record the entire song, but we put it on the shelf...

well neither one of us were inclined to try to sing like Geddy. Not gonna happen. :-"




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Some of the better stuff I've heard on here. Good job. At one time, I could play the entire 20 minutes. Though considered "Progressive" I've always thought that the first 20 minutes of 2112 is simply the best metal ever. And as you know it keeps getting progressively better and in parts progressively tougher to play on from this part that you played all so well.

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OK How'd you do the Synth Stuff?????


That I didn't do. My friend Tommy who did the drums put the synth backing track on there.

That's a good question...I'm not even sure how he synced that so well.

The whole thing was basically a trial by fire. Apparently he did the whole

drum track by memory (no click track or anything), and I played the guitar parts

over it. I've jammed parts of the song a million times, but never recorded it,

so I had to listen to the studio version a few times before I was comfortable

doing the guitars and bass. Hence, the synth part is from the album so

I can't really call it a cover. lol

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