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My son wants to learn to play guitar now.

I think he made a great choice for a guitar.

We're thinking about getting him the PRS SE One.

He picked one out at the music store yesterday.

I played it. I liked it a lot. Very nice clean sound. Very nice overdriven sound.

The price is good too. But I'm hoping it will be better.

Here's what it looks like.



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I have one - or I mean, One - and love it. I enjoy the simplicity of one pickup and one knob, and it has a surprising variety of tone if you work at it. Great neck, too. I am up to 14 electrics (ranging in quality from a starter Yamaha RGX to a Gibson Traditional), but I actually tend to play the SE One more than the rest.


I think it is an excellent choice for anyone - beginner, expert, whatever.

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