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Wouldn't it be nice?


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Alright here's my vision: a Beach Boys tribute band... wouldn't it be nice?? [biggrin] (hahaha its punny)


Seriously, i think this would be the coolest thing ever. I have this vision totally planned out; now i just need to make it happen!! [thumbup]


So I was thinking my B.B. tribute band would be a summer thing, like playing outdoor gigs at beach parties and such. I would use a surf green Strat through a '62 Fender Bassman head and 2x12, and run stereo into a '65 Deluxe Reverb. I'd also have a surf green Tele (like Caliman's) and a sunburst Jazzmaster. The only effect I would use would be a boost pedal and a '63 Fender spring reverb tank.


As for bass, it would be a Sunburst 60's Jazz bass running through a vintage Ampeg stack... and also a Blue P-bass.


It would be totally awesome!! I'd play in my flip flops, a pair of khaki shorts or swim trunks, an obnoxiously-colored Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of aviators... this is honestly one of the coolest ideas I've ever come up with!! [thumbup]


As for now, it's just a dream... but some day, hopefully it shall be... the hardest part would be finding other people who would actually be interested in playing old surf music. But it would be a pretty chill experience... [biggrin]


yea, it would be a little something like this:




Ahhh, i can almost see it now.... [biggrin]


I'm already dreamin' of summer... how 'bout y'all??

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Just play reggae then you can have dreadlocks and play baked as an added bonus. [biggrin]



The surf band thing would actually be fun - I was at a large tech conference last summer and they had a huge outdoor party in San Diego on the island thats part of whalers village they had three surf style bands and everybody from 14 (minimum age allowed in) up to mid 70's was partying and having fun.


I play hotel pool bars in Maui (just me and acoustic guitar or or my Taylor T5) a few weeks in the summers and it's a blast, I love sitting there in shorts and sunglasses on the beach taking requests and drinking Mai-Tais and Pina Coladas it really doesn't ever get much better than that.

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Oddly enough, having never played any surf-type music before I was shown this just the other day...


If you like 'Surf Music' I really, really recommend you take the time to watch this clip.


It's about Nokie Edwards, the lead guitarist for 'The Ventures' and, in part, deals with how "Walk - Don't Run" came about.


It's an interesting interview with a genuinely nice, humble, guy.


The bit where he does a Chet Atkins-style version of the aforementioned (from about 4' 30") had me reaching for my guit!





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Hmm, a guitar player putting together a Beach Boys tribute band? I hope you're a Great Vocalist that knows at least three more great vocalist to pull that off. You'll also need a keyboardist with a Hammond B3 or a Fender Rhodes, since that's what's backing them up most of the time.


If you have those kind of vocals lined up, you'd probably do better with a Doo Wop tribute band. You could call yourself "Speedoo" or "Mr. Lee".


P.S. My Dad was a Surf Guitarist, the California Surf Scene considered the Beach Boys to be commercial pop. They Were Not Surf!

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Go see the current "Beach Boys" they're just a cover band now.msp_thumbdn.gif


there are several incarnations of "beach boys" now. i saw one of them last year in saskatoon. I was very impressed, its not often you get a full seated auditorium on its feet singing and dancing along. if you closed your eyes you couldnt tell the difference. The band are lucky to have bruce johnston and mike love still with them.

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I think it's a GREAT idea man! I've always liked theme based cover bands, though.


You could pull it off with the right vocalist. Go for it and let us know how it works out :)



I'd always thought of start a cover band and calling it Mime....

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To pull it off you would need at least 4 competent singers for the intricate harmonies. If your going to try any pet sounds era stuff more musicians will be required.

Brian Wilson currently tours with a 12 member band to recreate all the studio magic he did in the 60s. Good luck.

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