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Forget forum shirts, I still can't find a bloody Gibson logo tee (or any Gibson shirt for that matter) in a size small.


I guess they figure only old farts have enough $$$$ to own Gibsons, and the old farts' Reissues aren't the only thing that are tipping the scale.

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It's not a T-shirt and it's nor Forum specific, but a guy I work with gave me this hat...how fitting?

He got it from his old man and the old man has no idea where he got it from.



It's the best hat ever. Fits like a dream and is incredibly comfortable. looks great, too!

I've never worn a hat this good. It's my new No.1 and I'm keeping it for ever.


That's my attempt at some humor. Trying to sound like a guy getting his first Gibson guitar. :)

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I want mine monogrammed...


#1 Forum D*ck

Wait a minute!

Axe, if you're the #1 Forum D!ck, then what title do I get?

And did you clear that with Tim?



Chan is right.

My wife was appalled to see how I did laundry when we first met.

There's the "right" way and the "real" way.


She cautioned me about washing in hot water, I told her ALL my clothes get the HOT treatment when I first buy them.

That way they are shrunk from the start and I never worry about them again.!




I haven't worn a small T shirt since third grade.

I tell people all the time, I'll be their BIGGEST advertiser if they have XXXL so I can shrink it.

Some 2x shirts are too small for me.


Hey, everything's bigger in farm country!

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