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Hi guys,


I can finally address myself as the true Les Paul Forum Member, as I've finally got my first ever electric guitar & Les Paul!! [love]


It's the Epiphone LP Tribute 1960 Trans Black, and I'm completely overwhelmed by it, as it looks nice, has Gibby's pups and the Asymmetrical neck makes it wonderful to play in my hands! Here are some photos to share, not the best quality, but just can wait to share, hope u guys will like it! [wink]













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Congrats on a fantastic looking guitar.

You say it is wonderful to play. How is the stock setup?

Although I am a good one for tweaking, it does seem as Epi setups out of the box seem to be improving.

For a while they were shipping with very high adjustments.

I'm hearing less complaints about stock setups all the time.




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Beautiful LP and great choice for your maiden voyage from which there is no return.[thumbup]


Epi's quality is definitely on a roll. I picked up a Ltd Edition Standard today (its on lay away) and the fit/finish is superb and the playability outstanding. Obviously, you experienced the same attributes....now, as they say, go play it 'till your fingers bleed.


Enjoy, Enjoy, Enoy!!!

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Happy New Paula Day [thumbup]


I love that color.....


Are you sure about the asymmetrical neck ?


AFAIK the 1960-Tributes have the 60' slim-taper neckshape

and the ones with the asymm. neck was/is called '2010-Tribute' on the TRC [confused]


I've been to the shop and tried them, I dunno which one is which, maybe I've got it mixed up.


But no matter which one is which, I find this one more playable in my hands, as many has suggested, it's what plays and feels well in your hands! [thumbup]

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Thanks everyone for your congradulations, I can't reply everyone individually, so I thank you all at once!!


I think this guitar has been setup quite good, don't notice much to fix at the moment, alto I'm still thinking whether I should lower the action a bit to improve its play-ability? Also, I'm still deciding whether I should attach a pickguard on, becoz:

1. I don't wanna scratch this wonderful looking surface!!!! &

2. I generally love a Les Paul with pickguard.


There was another side of this story, too!

Initially, I went to the shop last week to try this guitar. I tried the display ones, then I decided to buy it, and requested for a brand new one.


However, when I went home and wanna play it, I've found that the strings were rusted and the pots weren't connected properly, so the Bridge pup didn't have sound!! So I took it back to exchange for another on, which is this one now.


I'm much much happier with this one, as the pots & pups are working fine, and the strings are much much nicer too! Sorry for the long post.

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IMO that geet is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY nicer than a Silverburst!


Very HNGD to you Sir [thumbup][thumbup]




I think under some circumstances, I would agree with you.

But for some reason, my heart still falls for a Silverburst, so if Epi has those LP Studio Deluxe in Silverburst, and they're selling below $500, I still think I would get one, just for my own collection [love] .


Moreover, my girlfriend agrees to let me buy, if I would let her play around with it (but she doesn't know how to play... [lol] ), so I guess it's an approval!!

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Could someone give me some opinions and help me out here?

I'm deciding whether to put a pickguard on or not.

I've take some pics plz have a look.



No pickguard



With pickguard



I say No Pickguard for that one, let the beauty shine through, it seems the pup rings would look better in black[iMHO]. That would really make the silver gray wood grain really pop.



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The "Pickguard or No Pickguard" debate has once again entered the building.

You will get a lot of different opinions on this topic. It is strictly a personal choice issue. It's your guitar, do what you like.

My personal opinion is that the guitar is easier to play, and doesn't get scratched if it has a pickguard.

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I voted for a pick guard, only because I hate extra holes in guitars [cursing]

If it hasn't been installed yet, I'd leave it off, once you've installed it the

holes will always be there.


+1 on the black pick up rings, especially if you leave the pick guard off.

Chrome would look nice as well IMO.

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