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I don't like accumulations -- I mean, collections -- I have a rule of owning no more than two of each type of guitar that I play, so I have two resonators, tuned to G and D, two basses, a fretted and a fretless, two flat-tops, and two electrics, a Les Paul and a 335.


I had the LP and an Epi Sheraton II with Seymour Duncans, so when I got the 335 the Epiphone went on the block.


Besides, everyone ought to have a 335.


And variety is the spice of life.

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I couldn't decide. If you play any blues AT ALL (or even Classic Rock, for that matter) forget Gibson for one guitar and get a Strat. Gibson is awesome, but won't give you the sounds that a Strat or Tele. as for the selection you've provided, I'd say either an ES-335 or a Firebird... if you're looking to expand your sound, that is. If you want another guitar just for the sake of owning another guitar, get an anniversary R9. (Customs are cool too, but I've never liked the block inlays. Although they are sweet guitars.)


Good luck in your purchase!

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Plek'd! O:)


haha I totally forgot that I started that.



but im not really GASsing for anything yet

I have GASSed for 2 guitars in a matter of 12 hours. Today my guitar teacher brought his black beauty over, so I got pretty obsessed with them. Then I stumbled upon a few 335s and now I want one of them.

So many choices.

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