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Sunburst finish


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Martin bursts don't do anything for me. I vote for Gibson - hands down.


It's true that Martin bursts are entirely different, and to my eye, not quite right. It's almost too even all around the top, following the outline of the top, while the Gibson 'burst is usually focused around the bridge and the lower bout.


It's just a different look. I think if you were "raised" on the Gibson 'burst, that's what you're always going to see in your head when some asks "what's the proper look of a sunburst?".


The Gibson sunburst got soul....

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It's all subjective. One of my favorite bursts of all time is my 2010 D28, I think they call it a 1937 reissue burst? It's subtle, the light part in the middle is not very light and that is what looks so cool. Just really attractive to me. And the geetar played and sounded great right out of the box.

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I'm with Danner -- I don't think it's really a close call. To me, Martin's seem too "precise," with the burst beginning at almost a uniform distance from the edge all the way around, as if they attached the dark finish sprayer to a jig that tracks the outline of the top. The Gibby burst has some real artistry to it, and I love the variety of bursts that you see on the same model guitar, even from the same year.

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To me, Martin bursts always appear to me to leave an almost rounded rectangle shape in the middle, sometimes the upper bout parts can almost look triangular. If I'm going down a Martin route I'd definitely go natural... but that's just my opinion, unqualified as it is... ;)


+1 on this sentiment.


Martin sunbursts to me just look a little... off. Almost like a blue Ferrari. Ferraris are just "supposed to be" red, you know?


Martin --> natural top

Gibson --> sunburst top


That said, I do like natural J-200s, but they have such a distinct look that it's not really a fair comparison. They have an identity all their own. J-45s/50s, for example, just don't look quite right to me w/o a 'burst.


Just my $0.02.


That said, if anyone is looking to kick a blue Ferrari out of their garage for the price of a Martin sunburst, let me know... [wink]

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another thought , is that an older d18 ? do sunbursts vary that much ? conpletely different than the other two more reugular looking bursts . just wondered if it was an era thing ? i really like it



The D-18 is a 2008 in Amberburst.


Don't get me wrong, I like natural tops too. Variety is the spice of



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I vote for Gibson in general, BUT


When Jorma decided to go to Martin for his Sig,me being a burst guy & a Jorma guy, I had to Custom order one in a burst.

I was very paranoid ordering sight unseen, not being a fan of any Martin burst I had ever seen.


I was very pleasantly surprised - the burst on my Martin M30 ranks with any other burst I have owned:


Martin M30 Jorma Burst


I haven't been able to grab a pic that deomonstrates the subtlety of the burst gradation, but believe me, it is a spectacularly classy burst!




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