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That's right, for all you single people out there.


Single Person (Noun)

Definition: Someone who owns or loves a single cut guitar.


Single people are cool with me, they aren't as horny as those double cut people. Less chance of getting poked. ;)


Anyways, let's get to some pictures and stories about some lovely single cuts.


My Telecaster:


Bright red, maple neck, a beauty. I built it last summer from a slew of parts, some of which I don't know the origin. The bridge, for example. I've been told many things, but the most plausible answer I've gotten is late 90s GL, or a MIM Toploader. It has a vintage Epi HB in the neck, and a standard single in the bridge. It has a light yellow, 3 ply pickguard, and knobs off of an old broken amp. I was told it has pots from a Squier, a switch from a MIJ, and the body of a MIM. The neck was bought after the initial purchase of the guitar, due to the other one breaking at the heel during shipping, it's a MIM. I haven't gone over everything parts wise, nobody cares about that, time for some pics. :D








Though it's getting a bit battered, I love it to death. One of the brackets for the HB is broken, so I use a tuner gear as compensation so slightly equalize the height. It still leans, and this causes it to be off center with the strings, but I love the sound it gives, so I really don't want to replace it now.


Cheers, and let your singles mingle.

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Here's my Tele, which came battered... (born in Mexico March, 2012)





Here's a lovely close up of a single...





Of course, singles love to do this....





A whole group of singles hanging out together...



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Knight guitar, 1979; used on many, many gigs. Early Schecter Z+ p/us.




Close up of Wilkinson bridge which I got at a record/music/guitar fair in the 80s, wish I'd bought 2...




Knight guitar 1980s: Schaller Golden 50 p/us, interior of guitar polished when built, very loud and bright.





These instruments are both 17" wide, 2 1/2" deep, 25 1/2" scale, 24 frets.

And have Keith Calton cases.

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