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When I got back into guitars I saw pics online of pedal boards with a cool looking thing with a round strobe on it, and it turned out to be the Peterson Stomp Tuner.

When I took my 2012 Gibson '61 SG Reissue back to Guitar Center to find out why it was going out of tune so often (strings were not stretched when sales guy had changed them before I picked it up) my original sales guy explained to me the strings needed to be stretched.

That is also when he told me my SG was kind of rare as it had a one piece rosewood fretboard and was made in March of this year.

That is around the same time Gibson switched over to the two piece boards from the rosewood fiasco.


Anyways, he talked me into spending around $200 on the Peterson Stomp Tuner.

It is nice, and does all of the alternate tunings (I only play in standard though) and it also has what is called Sweet Tuning which I do not exactly know if that is a tad better than standard or not.

Anyways, that is how I have tuned all of my guitars with it.


Last week when I picked up my youngest sons PRS SE Semi-Hollow, I also got the new TC Electronics Polytune for him.

After using it and getting use to it, I think I prefer it over the Peterson.

You can do one note at a time, and also strum all strings at once.

Both methods work great, but I actually prefer the poly one where you can strum all strings at once.


It too has settings for capo, drop tunings, and the way it displays when playing one note at a time.

I find it much easier on the eyes than that spinning strobe setup that Peterson uses.


Anyone using the Polytune one, and if so, how do you like it.

And if you have also used the Peterson one, which do you like between the two?

I may end up getting myself a Polytune and taking the Peterson off of my board.

The TC one is also a lot smaller foot print.


Peterson Stomp Classic




TC Electronics Polytune


Strum mode:




One note at a time mode:





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For me, it's usually either a Polytune or a Boss TU-3. I actually prefer the Boss (for the buffered bypass and it's easier for me to use). But it depends on what I'm doing.


For outdoor gigs, the Polytune wins.

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Corey, you mention Digitech in your post, but to keep things straight, you are showing the TC Electronics PolyTune (world's first polyphonic tuner). This is important because Digitech also has a polyphonic tuner (Hardwire series), and though I've not tried it, I'd like to. I do have and like the TC Electronics Polytune though, have one on two of my boards (third board has a Boss TU2, which was perhaps the standard bearer for some time).


The Peterson units were one of the first true strobe tuners, and perhaps the most accurate out there (at least for some time). They were the choice of Professionals for many years.


In the end, they are all really good units and will work for you, it's simply a matter of which you prefer. FWIW, if a small footprint is what you need, TC also makes the Polytune Mini, much smaller than the original, though it operates only from an external power source.

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Thanks TBone, I fixed it.

I must have had my Whammy pedal on my mind :D


I also saw the mini TC Polytune, but the one I got him has a few more features.

Yep. Plus, it will take a battery (the Mini doesn't, and also doesn't come with a power supply [confused] ). Had the Mini, never tried it (I was told it DID take a battery), sent it back and exchanged for my second Polytune for the Pedaltrian Nano.

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My son came by yesterday and picked up his PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow and his Polytune.

I miss the tuner so much I just got back from the PRS dealership and picked up one for myself.

Probably take the Peterson off the pedal board, it is little overkill for me, or I will just use the Polytune off to the side when I do not feel like using the whole board.


PS, looked at the PRS P24 while I was there, beautiful finish on it.

I am waiting for the 408 Maple Top to come in, then I will play it.

Might be what I pick up next year, not sure yet.

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