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  1. So it's finished and I'm pretty darn happy with it, but I really hate low frets, so it's going in for a fret job in about a month.... Including the guitar the whole project ran me about $1200
  2. The movie was better than I expected. I was fortunate to see them on the Sunset Strip very early in 1981. Always enjoyed their shows and Mick Mars playing.... great rhythmer
  3. I would say the drop dead lowest price you'll take for your instrument minus an additional $300.
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  5. 35k for a bolt-on neck guitar. No way
  6. Yes!!! I forgot about that ... gonna order another thumbwheel... thanks!! One more thing.... the width of the ABR.... it’s wider than my 59 LPS and my JL REV casino by .5mm Did Gibson change the width of the ABR in the 80’s?
  7. First of.... Great chops!!! Great tone coming out of that box
  8. Ya There was something they had to compensate for... and as you stated the machine nut probably wouldn’t bottom out and the tuners would rattle... so they added a bit of standoff in the form of a bushing. I ordered black nylon spacers with 18mm OD, 2.5 mm thick and 8mm ID... I’ll see see how it looks
  9. There was also an interesting finding on the headstock underneath the machine head washer... a black bushing. Wonder why that was done
  10. Rabs That makes sense.... I like your approach to the back plate on the JL project you worked on.... it’s has me thinking.
  11. thanks Rabs!! There are still a couple of things I need to get: 1. The Schaller tuners.... I just need to make sure the pegs are visually correct. I'm not going to try and find the exact type that were on the Gibson re-issues as I looked for over two years and never found them. 2. The vintage correct ABR bridge.
  12. Ahhh Thanks for the info.... I wondered if there are any pictures of john playing the guitar after it was stained with the cherry finish. whatever the case, I have always liked that guitar.... very unique mod for sure, which shows that John was a guitar tweeker.
  13. I'd like to see it Interesting.... I did not know that it had gone through a third phase (natural) I didn't want to do a back route, as this would have been too much wood to lose but I was stoked that vinatgevubeguitars was nice enough to make a custom CC pup that is to vintage specs, as it appears most other CC pup makers are noticeable smaller.
  14. I'm looking forward to recieving these bits to finish the project (see images) and I'm going to get a more vintage correct ABR bridge, as the ABR that originally came with the guitar is a tad wider
  15. Some of you might remember Version 1 John Lennon LPJ project when I used a 2011 Gibby satin finish LPJ. It was a fun project, but because the CC pup wasn't to vintage specs (smaller). And the satin finish and the neck pocket wasn't correct, I sold the guitar. I went out an purchased me a 1986 Gibby LPJ which (to me) had more of the vibe I was looking for... though some call these the "pre-historic" LPJ's there is still some minor difference in the neck pocket as the real historic models the neck protrudes about 1/4" more above the body, but I could live with that. Pix 1 the 1986 LPJ untouched (For $600 it was the perfect sacrificial lamb for this project) Next was making a program for the Charlie Christian pick routing. I didn't want to hand route as this takes a good amount of experience that I dont have and it only took about an hour total to make the program and route using a CNC. And a little mock up minus the pup switch cavity. I'm still waiting for the bits to come in but overall I'm digging on the vibe.
  16. I had a 2009 SG that had the PCB setup and to be honest I couldn't hear a lick of difference from the standard wiring...
  17. I had a 2001 1965 Elitist Casino for a short while, so they do exist. But the serial number doesn't look right to me, and the Elitist Water Decal looks strange as well.
  18. Has anyone seen Dumbo??? I saw the previews, and there's scene where Dumbo get's sad, and it reminds me of my dog "Rocky" the look he gets on his face when he gets busted for going through the little trashcans full of tissue.... We just cant break him of that habit
  19. We've performed tons of testing on soldered leads versus connectors that address bending beams with strain-gages. And the science proves to us every time soldering provides the best results. Connectors would improve our tact-time on products during assembly processes, but signal stability and durability suffers. But I'm with you on quick-change pickups, because I'm the worst solderer east of Japan..... They call me Mt. McSolder in the lab <_<
  20. I gotta start with Berton Averre of the Knack..... That guy is just brilliant and it appears he is rarely brought up.
  21. I truly doubt it. Honestly I think this is a very small exception, and YouTube is protecting themselves as they are the ones with the deep pockets, not the guy that is providing guitar lessons using YouTube as the medium. If I were to have a musical lesson business that required videos as part of the curriculum, I would invest in my own website to provide video content to pupils.... Problem is when something has been provided as a free service for a long period of time, and the rules start to change, people get pissed.... But the reality is you got a free ride for many years, and it might be time to invest (pony-up) in a website that you will be in more control of. I remember when our company would provide free coffee to the employees, but employees would take the coffee packs, sugar and creamers home for their use only, and others would complain about the brand.... Finally our company said screw it and placed coffee vending machines throughout the facility and now we have to buy our coffee... Ya some people ***** but I just bought my little coffee machine and placed it in my office. What's that song??? "nothing lasts forever."
  22. Definitely But also nipped the pockets of the artist as well, as we would get 5%-10% of album / CD retail price and we would eat the packaging costs..... 5% of a platinum selling album is a lot of coin.
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